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Analyst: XRP At $10 Is Inevitable – Times Tabloid

Prominent Bitcoin trader Emily (@Crypto__emily) has injected optimism into the XRP market with a recent post on X outlining her price targets for leading altcoins. Emily described $10 as inevitable for XRP while setting astonishing targets of $10,000 for Ethereum and $100,000 for Bitcoin.

This prediction stands in contrast to XRP’s current price of $0.5207. Realizing Emily’s vision would necessitate a staggering 1,820.5% increase for XRP. While the reasons for this aggressive target remain undisclosed, it aligns with a broader bullish sentiment for XRP in certain analyst circles.

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Multiple Analysts See $10 as a Possibility

Multiple other analysts have echoed Emily’s sentiment, suggesting that XRP can reach or surpass the $10 mark within the current market cycle. Their justifications primarily focus on historical patterns identified on XRP’s price charts.

EGRAG CRYPTO (@egragcrypto), a prominent analyst on X, recently set a $9-$10 target for XRP. The analyst looked into XRP’s dominance chart, showing its significant drop since July 2023, but a path that could lead to a massive breakout.

Technical analysis methods like Elliott Wave patterns are also factored into predictions. Capt. Toblerone utilized this approach to forecast a 15x rise to around $10 for XRP by July.

XForceGlobal (@XForceGlobal), a renowned crypto analyst and TradingView educator, drew attention to a symmetrical triangle on XRP’s 2021 chart, suggesting a potential breakout leading to a price range of $9-$11.

Is XRP’s Recent Performance a Cause for Concern?

Despite the collective optimism, it’s crucial to acknowledge XRP’s recent price movements. XRP is up 1.6% over the past 24 hours. However, the digital asset is down 2.93% over the past week and 1.44% over the past month.

XRP has remained stagnant around the $0.5 mark for several months, failing to exhibit a sustained uptrend despite the prevailing bullish sentiment within the broader cryptocurrency market.

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While Emily and other analysts present a compelling case for XRP’s potential, the significant price increase they envision hinges on specific market conditions, and it seems her prediction might be tied to the success of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Furthermore, XRP’s recent price behavior is discouraging. However, a prominent crypto analyst recently spotted a cup and handle pattern that could signal a turning point for XRP. Although he predicted a minor breakout targeting $1.33, this could be the precursor to XRP’s surge to $10.

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