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Bhopal Bizarre! Billy Goats Walk Fashion Show Ramp Ahead Of Bakra-Eid To Attract Wealthy Customers; Their Price Will Shock You!

Bizarre! Billy Goats Walk Fashion Show Ramps Ahead Of Bakra-Eid To Attract Wealthy Costumers; Sold For ₹21 Lakhs | X

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Imagine you are in the fashion show, there is music in the background. As the curtain is lifted, a spot light turns focus on the ramp…And, a handsome goat walks down, showcasing its built amid a cheering audience. 

No, this is not fantasy!

A bizarre fashion show was witnessed in the state capital Bhopal in which billy goats were made to walk the ramp in order to attract wealthy buyers. The matter came to light through a social media post shared by an independent journalist. 

Why a goat fashion show?

This year, the festival Bakra-Eid will be celebrated on June 16 – June 17. Owing to the same, the goatherds in Bhopal have come-up with a unique yet bizarre idea to sell their goats at the highest possible price.

This time, instead of taking them to a fair, they have organised a fashion show for the goats. In the video, it can be seen how the full-grown goats with thick and shiny fur coat are accessorised and are being pulled on the ramp, only to attract customers.  

Also, the ramp looks no less than a human’s fashion show with proper lights, hosts and even fireworks. Also, the video is doing rounds on social media at present.

Goat sold in ₹21 Lakh 

The most interesting fact about the goat fashion show was that a goat was sold at a whopping price of 21 lakh rupees. 

Goats were given spa and dermatological assistance in past too

In a report filed by journalist Kashif Kakvi in 2017 in The Quint, it is stated that, the goats were given spa and dermatological treatment at a government veterinary hospital in 2017 before ‘Qurbani so that they remain healthy, fit and tasteful.’

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