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BISP Payment Icrease 10500 to 13000 After 6 June Latest Update

BISP Payment Icrease 10500: Regarding the BISP payment, we are telling you that instead of the new BISP payment of 10,500 from the government of Pakistan, assistance of 13,000 rupees will be provided to the poor people. If you also live in Pakistan and suffer from extreme poverty.

We are informing you about all the information about BISP program. How can you get this aid? Keep visiting our website to get all such information. You are informed daily about all the procedures here. You can visit our article for more information.

BISP New Payment 13000

The new payment information of BISP is informing you that the Benazir Income Support Program issued by the Government of Pakistan will provide assistance of 13,000 rupees to the poor people instead of 10500 rupees. If you also want to get this assistance.

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But you don’t know the procedure and you want to know how you can get this aid and if you want to get this aid easily then you should register yourself. You can get Basani aid by registering and this aid will be provided to you this time in the amount of 13,000 rupees.

BISP Payment Icrease 10500 to 13000 After 6 June Latest Update

Eligibility Criteria

When you qualify for the BISP program, you are given the following eligibility criteria and you have to fulfill it,

  • You must have a National Identity Card
  • You must have poverty certificate
  • Your monthly income should be less than 50 thousand
  • Your identity should be in Pakistan
  • There should be no business of any kind abroad
  • No land of any kind should be registered in your name
  • Nor should your monthly income exceed your monthly expenses

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Want to get BISP new payment up but you don’t know the registration procedure and want to do online registration Let us tell you that the online registration of BISP program made by the government of Pakistan. do not have. The reason for not having online registration is Pakistan’s own situation. Because there are many such areas in Pakistan.

Where there are no networks and the poor people there, online registration is a cause of difficulty. For this reason, the Government of Pakistan has not made its registration online. Go to Registration Center for registration. Register there and give correct bio-data of all the information asked during registration.


If you want to know the purpose of the BISP program, then let us tell you that the BISP program is designed to eradicate poverty in Pakistan. Currently many people who are part of BISP program are being supported by BISP program. BISP program supports these poor people in Pakistan.

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Those who have extreme poverty score do not have any business and their families have already formed. But they have no means of earning. For this reason, BISP program was started by the Government of Pakistan which will provide assistance and improve their conditions.

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