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Ijtamai qurbani hissa rate for Eidul Adha 2024 in Karachi, Lahore

Eidul Adha 2024, also referred to as Bakra Eid, is celebrated on the 10th day of Zil Hajj, the last month of the Islamic calendar, following the completion of Hajj.

The primary event of Eid ul Adha is the sacrificial ritual, known as Qurbani, where Muslims honor the significant tradition of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) by sacrificing animals such as goats, sheep, cows, or camels.

The meat from the Qurbani sacrifice is divided into three parts: one portion for the family, another for relatives and friends, and the final portion for those in need. Many seminaries, mosques, and organizations facilitate Ijtamai Qurbani, or congregational sacrifice, to assist people who are unable to purchase a whole animal themselves.

Cows are commonly used for Ijtamai Qurbani where in Muslims pay for their share amount to participate in it.

How many Qurbani shares are in a cow?

Every eligible Muslim is required to offer one share of Qurbani. One goat or sheep is equivalent to one Qurbani share, whereas, there are seven Qurbani shares in a cow or a camel.

Ijtamai Qurbani Hissa 2024 in Karachi

Welfare organizations operating in different regions of Pakistan have released various rates for Ijtamai Qurbani hissa for this year. Here are the rates from leading organizations:

Organisation Ijtamai Qurbani Hissa
Saylani Welfare Trust Rs. 16,000
Baitussalam Welfare Trust Rs. 17,500
Chhipa Welfare Association Rs. 20,000
Alamgir Welfare Trust International Rs. 24,950
Alkhidmat Welfare Society* Rs. 20,000 Rs. 20,000

However, the Ijtamai Qurbani Hissa price is higher at seminaries and mosques where it ranges between Rs30,000 to Rs35,000 depending on the animal size and weight.

Ijtamai Qurbani Hissa 2024 in Lahore

The aforementioned organization is also providing services in Lahore at the same prices. Additionally, Jamia Naeemia, Jamia Zialul Aloom, Jamia Farooqia Rizvia, and other madrassas are offering Ijtamai Qurbani services as well.

In Lahore, the Ijtamai Qurbani Hissa ranges between Rs28,000 to Rs32,000.

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