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Karachi’s Eid al-Adha Cow Mandi Venues

Karachi’s Eid al-Adha Cow Mandi Venues – Check here

Karachi’s Eid al-Adha Cow Mandi Venues – Check here

Karachi, a bustling metropolis noted for its variety and vibrancy, is preparing for Eid al-Adha celebrations by establishing many cow mandis in various districts.

Commissioner Karachi has approved permission for the establishment of 22 animal markets, ensuring people’s comfort throughout the festival season.

Karachi Cow Mandi Venues

Three significant areas in the South District have been designated for cow mandis. The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) will operate the Sunday Bachat Bazaar Ground near Hyperstar Clifton, which would be a busy market.

In addition, the Town Municipal Corporation will administer lively animal markets on Mari Pur Road near Dua Hotel Liaquatabad and Mohammadi Ground Usmanabad.

Moving on to the east district, Asanabad will be the main attraction, complete with its own cattle market run by the Town Municipal Corporation.

The West district will see the establishment of three cow mandis in D.A. Ground Sarjani Town, Bakra Mandi Gul Mohammad Goth, and Orangi Sector 4, catering to the different demands of the local community.

The Central District stands out with five approved cow mandi places, including Sunday Bazaar Ground, Sector 11-D North Karachi, and Liaquatabad No. 8 near the football ground.

These marketplaces, regulated by the Assistant Commissioner (AC), promise a diverse selection of cattle possibilities to customers.

Malir district will have two lively cow mandis in Ismail Gabol Goth UC-8 and Gulshan-e-Hadeed Chorangi, improving accessibility for residents in these areas.

Keamari district will also have three vibrant markets: Yusuf Goth Baldia Town, Hasrat Mohani Colony, and Liaquat Bakra Peri Market, which will offer a variety of options under the supervision of local authorities.

The Korangi district is not to be outdone, as four well-placed cow mandis—Azim Pur Cemetery, Friends Ground 1300 Road Landhi Town, Creek Road Sunday Bachat Bazaar Qayyumabad, and Old KPT Depot—all offer seamless shopping experiences and are expertly managed by the Assistant Commissioner (AC).

Of all these places, Nadrain Bhai Pas has Karachi’s biggest cow mandi, which means that both buyers and sellers will have an amazing experience.

These colourful hubs, known as cow mandis, serve as a testament to Karachi’s rich ethnic diversity and joyous celebration of Eid al-Adha.

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