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Last Day for Cutting Hair and Nails 2024 for Qurbani in Pakistan (Expected)

As the Dhul Hijjah moon is expected to be sighted on June 7, 2024, in Pakistan, the Islamic community is reminded of the significant practices associated with this holy period. Among these is the tradition of not cutting hair and nails from the first day of Zil Hajj until the Qurbani (sacrifice) is performed, as part of the preparations for Hajj 2024.

This practice, rooted in the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), signifies the commencement of the sacred ten days leading up to Eid al-Adha. It is a time for reflection and devotion, mirroring the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (AS).

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For those intending to perform Qurbani, the last day to cut hair and nails in Pakistan will be the day before the sighting of the Dhul Hijjah moon in Pakistan, which is expected to be on June 6, 2024. This observance varies among different schools of thought, with some considering it recommended while others view it as forbidden. Devotees are advised to follow the practices according to their maslak (school of thought).

The Hajj rituals are set to commence from the evening of June 14, 2024, and will continue until the evening of June 19, 2024. As the community prepares for this spiritual journey, adhering to these traditions is a way to connect with the profound history and significance of Hajj 2024.

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