Latest Update! How to Receive Your BISP Money in 2024

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The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has introduced new payment plan in 2024. It aims at providing financial assistance to qualifying Pakistani families. This guide outlines the steps. It details how to receive the new BISP payments. Necessary procedures ensure smooth access to benefits. Precautionary measures are also important to follow. The program has also introduced new payment methods.

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Receiving Your Payment:

After completing biometric verification eligible families can claim their PKR 10500 bonus. Visit the nearest MobiCash center. The government has introduced a registration policy for the inclusion of needy families. It helps those who may not be aware or have not registered yet. Text your ID card number to 8171 from your registered phone number. You will promptly receive payment transaction details. Payments can be collected at MobiCash centers. They are also available at HBL Bank Centers.

Program Enrollment:

To enroll in the Benazir Income Support Program individuals must visit nearest BISP location with original ID cards. Officials will collect necessary information for enrollment purposes. Upon submission. Applicants will receive notification from 8171 within a few days. This will be regarding their acceptance into the program.

Qualifications for BISP Program:

To qualify for the BISP program applicants must meet following criteria. Family income ranging from PKR 25000 to 30,000. No family members employed by the government

No ownership of property or vehicle.

Not enrolled in any other financial assistance programs. Possession of valid Pakistani ID card is required. A functional SIM card is also necessary.

Check Online Registration. Program of 8171. Ehsaas Nadra Gov Pk – Latest Update 2024

Key Points:

Content Description

Program Enrollment Process Families must present original ID cards at nearest BISP location. Acceptance notification will be sent via SMS. The message will come from 8171.

BISP Program Qualifications Family income: PKR 25000 to PKR 30000. No government-employed family members. No property or vehicle ownership. Not enrolled in other financial initiatives. Possession of Pakistani ID card. A functional SIM card.


The BISP 10500 scheme is designed to assist those in poverty. These individuals struggle to meet basic needs due to low income. They also have concerns about inflation. Registering for the program ensures access to benefits provided.

Q1: How can I receive my BISP payment?

A1: After completing biometric verification eligible families can claim their PKR 10500 bonus by visiting the nearest MobiCash center. Detailed payment transaction information is sent via SMS. Text your ID card number to 8171. This will provide this information.

Q2: What documents do I need for program enrollment?

A2: To enroll in the BISP program bring your original ID card. Visit nearest BISP location. Officials will collect necessary information. Acceptance notifications will be sent via SMS from 8171.

Q3: Who qualifies for the BISP program?

A3: To qualify for BISP program applicants must meet specific criteria. These include having family income ranging from PKR 25,000 to PKR 30000. No government-employed family members. No property or vehicle ownership. Possession of valid Pakistani ID card and functional SIM card is also required.

Q4: Can I register for BISP program if I am already enrolled in another financial assistance program?
A4: No. Individuals already enrolled in other financial assistance programs are not eligible for BISP program.

Q5: Is there deadline for program enrollment?
A5: There is no specific deadline for enrollment. It is recommended to register as soon as possible. This will ensure timely access to benefits.

Q6: Can I check my BISP payment status online?
A6: Yes. You can check your BISP payment status online. Visit the official BISP website. Alternatively contact BISP helpline for assistance.

Q7: What should I do if I have not received my BISP payment?
A7: If you have not received BISP payment ensure you completed the biometric verification process. Also provided accurate information during enrollment. Contact BISP helpline for further assistance.

Q8: Can I update my information if there are changes in my family status? A8: Yes you can update your information. If there are changes in your family status visit the nearest BISP location. You should provide updated details to the officials.

Q9: Are there any fees associated with receiving BISP payments? A9: No. There are no fees. All payments are disbursed directly to eligible beneficiaries. There are no deductions.

Q10: How often are BISP payments disbursed?

A10: BISP payments are disbursed monthly to eligible beneficiaries. This provides regular financial assistance. It helps qualifying families.

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