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NIM Peshawar Officials Explore Operations at BISP : Visit Providesofficials with Insights into Bisp’s Operations

Jun 05 2024 20.04.30 images

Officials from the 40TH mid-career management course visited the headquarters of the Benazir Income Support Program.

The visit aimed to provide the officials with insights into BISP’S operations and its efforts towards empowering women.

During the visit, BISP Secretary Aamir Ali Ahmed briefed the officials on the program’s foundational measures.

He highlighted the new payment model, which ensures the distribution of funds to deserving families through six banks.

He also emphasized bisp’s significant role in addressing stunting and malnutrition among mothers and children.

Rubina Khalid, a representative of BISP, discussed the program’s initiatives, including signing Mous with various organizations to provide skill and technical training to deserving family members.

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