SLA Ch. Latif Akbar Visits BISP Campsite Established In Muzaffarabad

Muzaffarabad, (Parliament Times) : The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Choudhry Latif Akbar visited the campsite Narool Cricket Stadium Muzaffarabad established by the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) AJK today. The purpose of this visit was to oversee the disbursement of the Benazir Kafaalat and Benazir Taleemi Wazaif cash grants to BISP beneficiaries through a transparent biometric verification system. This initiative reflects the ongoing commitment to uplift the socio-economic status of the underprivileged through transparent and efficient means.
Addressing the beneficiaries and staff at the campsite, the speaker quoted the words of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, “Our people are our hope and our future, our progress, our strengths, our stability lies in trusting our people. On that promise alone we can succeed. And to that promise, we pledge our support.” He emphasized that the current implementation of BISP initiatives is a testament to this vision, aiming to create a society where trust and support for the people are paramount.
The disbursement process at the BISP campsite is conducted through a sophisticated biometric verification system. This ensures that the aid reaches the rightful beneficiaries, enhancing transparency and reducing the risk of fraud. Beneficiaries undergo biometric verification to confirm their eligibility, ensuring that assistance is provided accurately and efficiently.
The Speaker praised the dedication and efforts of the Chairperson BISP Rubina Khalid and BISP AJK team in organizing the disbursement process throughout AJK. He interacted with the BISP beneficiaries, listening to them and expressing his satisfaction with how the aid is impacting their lives. He reiterated the importance of education and financial stability in fostering a prosperous future for the community.
“Our commitment to the principles laid down by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto is unwavering. By trusting and supporting our people, we can achieve stability and progress. The biometric system is a key component in maintaining the integrity of this process, ensuring that every penny reaches those who need it most,” the Speaker stated.
Dr. Abdul Aziz Qurashi Zonal Director BISP AJK briefed to the Speaker that during the current quarter the BISP AJ&K region has successfully distributed Rs. 728.490 million to 69,380 deserving women in 10 districts of AJK across the region under Benazir Kafaalat program and Benazir Taleemi Wazaif. This initiative was carried out with utmost transparency, utilizing biometric verification at 40 camp sites established throughout AJK. Basic facilities, including clean drinking water, security, seating arrangements with shades and halls of Govt. schools and BISP offices open spaces were available at all campsites.
He also shared,” A total of 115,616 deserving families in AJK received their quarterly financial assistance of Rs. 10,500 each, along with their educational stipends Benazir Taleemi Wazaif, under the fourth quarter of this fiscal year. BISP AJK has demonstrated significant success, achieving a 60% success rate in the last two weeks alone. This milestone underscores the effectiveness of the program and its commitment to supporting vulnerable women in the region.
The Speaker’s visit concluded with a reaffirmation of the government’s dedication to expanding these welfare programs to reach more families in need. Beneficiaries expressed their gratitude for the support, sharing how the financial aid has positively impacted their lives and enabled their children to pursue education. Shoukat Javed Mir, Ex-Candidate LA AJK & Mustafa Abbasi Protocol Officer of Speaker Chamber accompanied to The Hon’ble Speaker while Deputy Director NSER Raja Sajad and Media Officer Wajid Rafique Choudhry represented the BISP AJK Region.

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