The best cryptocurrencies for June according to Coinext By – With and already on investors’ radar, Coinext chose to list other cryptocurrencies as promising alternatives in the month of June, with emphasis on those related to ETH, given the recent approval of Exchange-traded funds (ETFs ) in cash. The expectation is that there will be a robust boost in projects linked to Ether, which is behind the selection of these assets as a favorable opportunity in the crypto ecosystem.

The assets chosen by Coinext:

  1. Polygon (): With second layer solutions for Ethereum, compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Polygon allows agile and economical transactions, operating in the form of an “internet of blockchains”, according to Coinext.
  2. Immutable ()​​: ​The crypto has risen around 70% in six months.
  3. Optimism (): Ethereum’s second layer solution uses Rollups to provide lower transaction fees, optimization, and reduced network load.
  4. Chainlink (): The decentralized platform on the Ethereum blockchain connects smart contracts and provides an intermediary role between them and external data.
  5. EigenLayer (EIGEIN): Although it is not a second layer protocol, Eigen is a novelty that would focus on optimizing Ethereum’s Proof of Stake by supporting applications in the ecosystem, adds Coinext.


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